Slide Recycling solution for cigarette waste We create a recycled material to replace virgin equivalents, while also improving our partner’s environmental betterment efforts. Our end-to-end solution causes a massive reduction in C02 and helps the planet. Contact Sales
6 trillion cigarette butts are wasted annually







Slide Who we are A team with a unique and diverse skillset, focused on reducing the massive environmental damage that smoking causes. Learn more

Slide What we do We partner public and private organisations to capture & recycle the world's single-use plastic, creating the world's first recycled plastic. Collection We capture any form of cigarette waste.
Recycling We recycle paper & plastics that arise from cigarettes. Manufacturing We make products from our recycled materials.
Our Partners

Slide Our impact nationally Through collaboration with public & private organisations, we recycle thousands of butts that our Stashtrays capture every week. 130k Collected Nationally 28k+ 63k+ 31k+ Ballymun Mountjoy Pubs

Slide Ready to get started? Explore how we're positively impacting the environment. You can also contact us for a custom solution for your business. Solutions Start now Our is solving the cigarette solution problem. Stashtray Get up and running with a Stashtray for your business. Learn More Pricing Details