Slide Transforming cigerrette waste into something useful Cigarette are only used for 7 minutes on average, before being tossed with all the remaining materials making it the world's deadliest single-use plastic. Learn more

6 trillion cigarette butts are wasted annually







We had a big realisation, that cigarette butts are the worst single use plastic in existence.

This is due to the difficulty in capturing and recycling them, after all 6 trillion are littered per year. To tackle these challenges, we founded NoButts.

We are building to capture as much cigarette waste as possible.

Our partner company Filtracycle was founded more recently, and is led by Liam our co-founder. They will be positioned in the middle of the recycling process, extracting the plastic filter from butts we capture.

Our end to end solution gives the plastic in cigarettes a further use, far beyond the 7 minutes it functions for in a cigarette. Our unique process allows us to prevent butts entering the environment & poisoning the natural world.

We will make the world less buttful, more beautiful.

We will soon sell the recycled plastic under the NoButts brand, giving it a further use while disposing properly of the toxins that butts absorb.

We source butts from our Stashtray bins in Ireland, as well as receiving from our global & domestic partners. Our products will empower consumers, allowing them to fund capturing of multiple thousand butts per purchase.


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