Slide Capturing butts with Stashtrays NoButts partners with public and private organisations to capture and recycle the world's single-use plastic Contact sales

Slide Collection The bins are positioned where cigarette litter has proven to be stubborn. All cigarettes we collect would otherwise have poisoned nature.

Exposing cigarette butts as the most potent form of single use plastic.

Slide Recycling We transport the butts to our partners, they extract the poison & handle the destruction of the toxins. The result from their processing gives us a raw plastic material.

Extracting only the useful materials within the cigarette butt, while safely discarding toxins. Seperation Isolating the tobacco, paper and plastic from butts.
Recovery Removal of toxin for controlled destruction.

Slide Manufacturing Our recycled plastic completes the circularity of our solution. Buying anything we sell, means you, or your organisation, are joining us to save the planet. Supplying raw, sustainable material that can be used for any purpose. Learn more

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