Slide We're a results-driven team on a mission We're focused on reducing the environmental damage smoking causes. We have created a silver lining around cigarette waste. Get in touch

Slide It's our mission to reduce the number of harmful cigarette butts in the world. In our eyes, the less butts the better. Although they are individually tiny, they are intensely poisonous to the environment. We aim to intercept an eternally growing amount and recycle them into safer outputs. Learn more

Michael Wylde

Chief Executive Officer

Having previously founded a successful start up company in the travel industry, Michael has transitioned his entrepreneurial skill set to tackle climate change and waste management. Overseeing all functions of the business on a day to day basis.

Jack Shannon Cole

Chief Operations Officer

National Athlete and European Bronze medallist, Jack uses his unique skills in reassurance and consideration to maintain a strong relationship with all our public and private partners.

Adams Lucas

Chief Financial Officer

After graduating at the top of his class in Actuarial & Financial Studies University College Dublin, Adams utilizes his expertise in Acturary to help Nobutts generate reliable revenue, keeping expenses low while forecasting for the future of NoButts.

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